Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson


(Read 03/07/16 – 13/07/16)


After reading No Logo and Guns, Steel and Germs previously I decided I needed a small break from difficult books! So I decided to go for a thriller to mix things up and allow me to read without having to concentrate too hard! And I am very glad I did. I really enjoyed this book. From a review point of view it is difficult to write about this book without spoiling it for you readers. So I will try and keep my analysis as unspecific as I can!

The general plot will be mildly familiar to anyone who has watched the movie Memento, but it has some major differences. The novel is about a woman Christine who suffers from a condition which means she wakes up remembering nothing. Every morning her husband Ben reminds her of an accident she had and shows her old photographs to trigger any memories she still may have. Then one day she gets a phone call from her doctor who tells her to read through a journal she has been keeping. After this we begin to learn that everything isn’t entirely as is seems.

The book does an excellent job of capturing the claustrophobic and uneasiness that Christina is going through everyday. The pace of the book keeps the reader on edge and as things are slowly revealed we feel as scared and confused as Christina must feel. By the end of certain chapters you are almost exhausted from the anxiety and stress of what preceded!

Compliments must go to the author Watson. The book is excellently written and is incredibly tough to put down. In fact one night reading the book, I ended up staying up until almost 1 a.m. just because it was almost impossible to pry myself away from it! What makes the novel even more impressive is that it was the author’s debut novel! I would highly recommend this book to readers, especially if you are looking for a novel that won’t take up too much of your time and will keep you gripped throughout the entire thing.

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