Ready Player One – Ernest Cline


(Read between 28/01/2017 – 03/02/2017)

The debut novel from Ernest Cline is a guaranteed entertainer for anyone who has a love of retro games or lived through the 80’s. Falling into the latter category meant that this book was a great read. Firstly, I must say how brilliant an idea for a novel this is. It is set in 2044 in a dystopian future where fossil fuels have been depleted and the effects of global warming have led to serious social and economic problems for the earth’s inhabitants. In this age many people have turned to spending their dreary lives plugged into Virtual Reality headsets in an alternative reality call OASIS. This virtual reality was created by James Halliday, who subsequently became the richest man alive. Upon dying, he left 3 Easter Eggs hidden inside OASIS. The prize for finding each of these Easter Eggs would result in the person inheriting his entire fortune and his business. The novel’s protagonist, Wade Watts is obsessed with OASIS and finding these Easter Eggs and 5 years after he finds the first Easter Egg and his life completely changes.

I don’t want to give too much more away about the novel. So I’ll discuss some of the positives and the small negatives about this book. This novel is almost impossible to put down. The story progresses at a steady pace and I found myself completely glued to it over the days I was reading it. From the very beginning I found myself transfixed to what the world was like in this 2044 dystopia. And then I found myself more and more fascinated with Wade Watts and his search for the OASIS Easter Eggs. This all added up to me trying to read chapters of the book whenever I had a moment free and some late nights where I couldn’t bring myself to close the book and get to sleep!

The clues and Easter Eggs that Halliday left in OASIS are linked to retro games and 80 movies. As a person who has always loved gaming, this made the book extremely enjoyable and instantly caught my attention. It made the book really interesting when characters in the novel were discussing or playing games and movies that I had also experienced in real life! I must also stress that you shouldn’t be put off if you aren’t too interested in gaming as I have discussed the novel with friends who have never been too keen on video games and they still really enjoyed it.

The only small criticism I would have of the book is that towards the final quarter of the novel I felt it began to drag on a little bit. I also thought that the ending was too predictable and ¬†obvious. I can’t go in to too much more detail, but these are only small criticisms of a novel I otherwise found impossible to put down.